Khazar fish powder production complex (producing fish powder and fish oil) is one of the largest fish powder producers in Iran and has two units in Gilan and Mazandaran provinces.

Mazandaran unit: has started its activity in 1995and has been established in a forested area in west of Mazandaran in a land over 7000 m² and 2000 m² foundation area with two production line and steam batch that produces high quality products and sent to the market .

Gilan unit: in 1999 with the plan of the development of khazar fish powder in Gilan province in a coastal and beautiful area, kiashahr port, was established and according to its nearness to hunting area in kiashahr port the quality of products in this unit is different from other producers.

This unit is located in a land over 7500 m² and 1500 m² foundation area with three separate production lines with continuous system (Ukrainian) and Coker system with steam batch, sends its high quality products to the market.

It is worth mentioning that this factory received the first hygienic exploitation certificate of fish powder in 2000 from veterinary organization with the code of 325 and is equipped with special laboratory with two chemical and microbial sections and has necessary certificates from veterinary organization in Gilan province and from the Gilan organization of standard and industrial research and is the first and the only powder of fish powder with Iran's standard sign and is making effort to obtain the certificate of quality management Iso9001/2000) .)


Quality is not accidental

It should be noted that khazar fish powder production complex with more than a decade experience and equipped with advanced production machinery and quality control laboratory with expert in this science has always kept the pace with standards and criteria of veterinary organization of standard and industrial research in order to improve the quality of cattle, poultry and aquatic animals food and has coordinated with the policy of those organizations that try to improve the quality and health of products in the society.

In addition, this production unit has employed two vets and three lab technicians that have necessary certificates from above organizations and is self controller and takes samples of substrate, materials during production and the final product and carries out chemical and microbial experiments on them to guarantee the quality of the product.

Mean while, all the products of this factory is offered on the condition of analysis so that it can satisfy consumers.

The manager and the personnel of this production unit attempt to send to the market a product that is both quantitatively and qualitatively in high level.


Quality is our commitment