Fish powder is one of the main supplies of protein and amino acids in cattle, poultry and aquatic animals ration , which has had an important position from long ago in poultry industry that as the time passes and science and technology develops in the world , nothing has taken the place of this material in cattle , poultry and aquatic animals food .

Clupeid powder , because of having high protein and the easiness of its digestion and having natural amino acids and a variety of A,E,D and group B Vitamins and also calcium and phosphorous and unsaturated fatty acids with double and triple bonds and having approximately 2500 kcal/kg of metabolic energy and a high quality protein in the production industry of fish powder has taken a special position that is superior to other producers in the world , such as Chile , Peru and Denmark in qualitative and quantitative comparison.

Using clupeid powder in cattle, poultry and aquatic animals ration has many advantages. These advantages include: improvement of food change coefficient, daily weight gain, more egg production with higher quality, more fertility, increase in milk production etc. That all are determining factors in commercial success in breeding cattle poultry and aquatic animals.

According to above mentioned information, similar protein sources such as soybean meal, puppete and meat powder can never be a suitable substitute for protein balance and nutrient material in food ration. Processing and producing fish powder with high quality depends on the kind of fish, the way of

The products of this company are graded according to T.V.N, protein, fat and humidity which are important factors of recognizing and grading fish powder and are sent to the market.

In line with above mentioned information, Health and quality of fish powder is of up most importance which unfortunately some opportunists   make use of the uniformed consumers and try to distribute and sell fish powder with low quality that causes this industry to be exposed to danger , in country .

Thus, we demand that the consumers at the time of purchase pay attention to the quality of fish powder , identification, the certificate of factories producing the fish powder and Iran's standard sign , so that you can buy a high quality product

Mean while consumers in order to keep the quality of fish powder should pay attention to conditions of maintenance.

It is recommended that the fish powder be kept in a cool and dry place and away from the direct sun beam and from rodents and on palette.

Quality is not accidental       


The product of this factory is always offered with the sign and number 108694 which is in 25, 40 kg packages and includes: :


Fish Oil